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Only the Beginning

Impact of your support

Your support has given us the foundation to build a strong community.
A community around music. 

Artists who share their talent and music with all of us.

People who love and understand the importance of music in our lives.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, all music stopped. We thought outside the box and brought safe, outdoor live music programs to our home.
You came. You played. You listened.

You became part of our family.

You helped us form the Frantic Music Project.

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Fundraiser Benefits

Frantic Music Project will host artist-specific fundraisers for musicians who are facing an illness or catastrophic event.
Your love and donations have helped to alleviate the financial strain faced by these artists. 
An annual fundraiser will be held to provide subsidies for artists who are just having a tough time making ends meet.

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Guitar Lessons

Music Therapy
Program Support

Donated guitars are refurbished and donated to local music therapy programs, programs for the homeless, or for musicians of any age

in need of an instrument,

They may also be sold or raffled during artist fundraiser events.

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Performance Space

Frantic Music Project provides a safe and inclusive space for new or aspiring musicians to perform in front of a live and welcoming audience, regardless of skill level. Seasoned musicians can showcase their original music to an engaged audience.
Our large deck is the perfect backdrop for an outdoor concert.

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Young artists are always welcome and encouraged to perform at our open mic programs where they will learn more about live performances. 

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Some of Frantic Music Project's current programs:

  • Open Mic

  • Guitar Show

  • Live House Concerts

  • Fundraising Events for Musicians in Need

  • Subsidized services for qualified musicians

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Frantic Music Project

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