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About Frantic Music Project

Frantic Music Project was officially formed in 2022 by co-founders Al and Mary Knight, owners of Frantic Frets Music & Antiques in Milton, Delaware, to give back to the community that supported them through the pandemic.
Since 2020, the couple has organized open music programs, and fundraising house concerts for various artists and causes, raising thousands of dollars with support from generous donors.

Read on to learn more about our founders.

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Meet the Frantics

Frantic Music Project co-founders Al & Mary "Frantic" Knight.

Al and Mary have been playing music since they were kids and realize the importance music plays in all of our lives. During the pandemic, they opened their outdoor space to provide live music for those so desperately missing live music and the musicians who were missing sharing their talents. 


They also embarked on organizing events to raise money for musicians in need – so they began a nonprofit organization. An organization that would benefit the musicians of Delaware – the ones who make our lives a little brighter with their music.


Mary has a background in business, marketing, nonprofit management, fundraising, and event planning, and she has taken the lead role in Frantic Music Project. 


The organization believes everyone deserves to be paid fairly for their work, regardless of how much they love what they do. This philosophy includes the arts. 

Frantic Music Project

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