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12 Months for Madi (and Brandon)

Madi and Brandon as she is coming home and continues on the road to recovery

Madi and her husband, Brandon are musicians from Delaware. Earlier in 2023, while on tour they were involved in a horrific accident with their 2 bandmates from Year of the Knife (YOTK). Three of the band members sustained serious injuries, but Madi suffered critical, life-threatening injuries. Madi had to spend several months in the hospital in Utah, far from her home and her family. Friends near and far helped raise money for the band and the couple, but there is still a long road to recovery for Madi.


Frantic Music Project is kicking off a 12-month fundraiser for Madi and Brandon. They are faced with so many unexpected expenses and Madi cannot work for the foreseeable future.


With your support, each month has a $1,000 fundraising goal. The funds will help them pay some of their monthly expenses, to help ease some of the financial burden they are facing. 


During 2024, we will host various fundraising events, including raffles, auctions, and some in-person and virtual events. 

The first event will launch in January and we hope you will consider participating in one, or all of the events. 

Frantic Music Project

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