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12 Months for Madi (and Brandon)

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Madi and her husband, Brandon are musicians from Delaware. June 28, 2023, while on tour they were involved in a horrific accident with their 2 bandmates from Year of the Knife (YOTK).


The band members sustained serious injuries, but Madi's were critical and life-threatening. She spent several months in the hospital in Utah, far from her home and her family. Friends near and far helped raise money for the band and the couple, but there is still a long road to recovery for Madi. They are continue to face so many unexpected medical expenses, loss of income, gear, and their vehicle. Brandon is Madi's sole caregiver and neither of them are able to work for the foreseeable future. You can help.

Frantic Music Project is hosting a series of mini fundraisers. Each month  now thru the end of December you can help us to raise $1,000 each month. The funds will help them pay some of their monthly expenses, and to help ease some of the financial burden they are facing. 

You can help make a difference for Madi & Brandon. Join one or more of our events, share them with your friends, neighbors, and others that love music. Donating even a few dollars will ad up and make a difference. 

Please see below on ways you can get involved and help Madi & Brandon.

Ways you can help

50/50 Raffle

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Tickets are $5 each

Sign up for
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Madi Strong

Grab a Tee, hoodie, tank, or cap to benefit Madi & Brandon, today!

You'll want to be sporting this for the upcoming virtual A-thon event coming up, so order today!

$5 from every sale is donated, shipped right to your door, and worldwide shipping available!

12 Months for Madi & Brandon


Frantic Music Project

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