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We all need some help from time to time and we know it takes a village. Musicians provide us with such joy and happiness, and most times, we would never know that on the inside they are worried and they are struggling. They smile, they laugh, but on the inside, they may be thinking about the challenges they are facing in their lives. Living gig-to-gig many musicians worry about what happens if they have to call out sick to a gig, or if a gig gets canceled, there is no paycheck for them. 

Your donation will go a long way to provide local musicians access to the services and equipment they need to be successful and deliver their best performance to their fans. Through your generous support, the working musicians of Delaware can rest a little easier, and you can feel good about making a big difference in their world. 


Any amount is greatly appreciated and will benefit the musicians who give so much of themselves to all of us.

Frantic Music Project

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